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Our aim is to be the only place you turn to when your dog needs care. We believe that whether you require boarding, training, grooming or regular daycare, fun and exercise are key to a dog's happiness. At The Dog House, we offer a genuinely complete service. We promise to ensure your dog is in safe hands, exercised, cared for, socialized and obedient.

K9 Training

A dog’s behavior is deeply rooted in the way he is bred, socialized, and trained. You can have a social, confident dog that is able to cope in a human world if you take the time to teach basic cues and recognize the difference between minor nuisance behaviors and more serious behavior problems as they develop. If you put in the time and effort, you can prevent many behavioral problems from happening by training positively.  Teaching basic cues is about more than just ensuring your dog has good manners – it's also a fun way to enrich your dog's life and build the communication between you both.

We have the solution!


Call us today at 770-693-7285 and schedule an evaluation with one of our experienced trainers.

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We offer full-service daycare and boarding.  You can register your dog for either or both.  We offer a discounted daycare rate for all boarding dogs that have passed his/her temperament test.  View our prices here.


Daycare is essentially supervised play while your dog is with us.  If your dog is fortunate enough to play with us for the majority of the day, we will generally have him rest for a little while during his stay, say an hour or so.  This is so that he doesn’t get too exhausted; expending energy is good, but so is a little relaxation.  If you have any special requests (food, medication, extra rest, etc.) during the daycare stay, please let us know.


We like things simple.  We don’t believe in nit-picky add-ons and extra belly rubs.  When you come to The Dog House, you get the full experience. Every time.   We’ve also got a webcam in The Dog House for you to check out your dog having fun and being cared for while he’s here.  If you’re like us, you’ll be glued to it.

Click Here to Learn more about the benefits of Dog Daycare

What you'll need on your first visit:  

Our Comfort Suites


When you board your furry friend, he will be staying in a high-end, roomy, easily-sanitized suite.  They are anti-microbial, mold-resistant, waterproof, silicone-free and lead-free.  Our suites measure 4' x 5' so your dog has plenty of room to stretch and relax.  If you’re boarding two dogs, there’s more than enough room for them to bunk together (see prices for multiple pets).   Our suites are cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis using green products, the safest for your loved one.   The glass doors provide maximum visibility so your dog can see what is going on around him, reducing stress during his stay.  

VIP Suite


We have a VIP Suite fit for a king, measuring 8’ x 4’.  Be prepared for your dog to claw and howl when you come to take him back home from his luxurious stay.  your dog will have a better time on vacation than you will.   

Daycare & Boarding

Boarding & Daycare


The Dog House is happy to offer full service grooming for dogs of all shapes and sizes.  Allow your dog to enjoy a truly spa like experience in our custom built dog tub being pampered by our highly trained and experienced grooming staff.  Our grooming staff members have worked locally for years as professional groomers and bring with them a stellar reputation.

The Dog House Grooming
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