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Benefits of Doggie Daycare


Some people use cage-free doggie daycare on a regular basis while others wonder why anyone would use it. For those that use it regularly, the benefits are obvious. For those that haven’t brought their dog(s) to daycare, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of the benefits dogs receive from regular visits to daycare.


1. Dogs get to socialize.  Dogs are pack animals and are social creatures. In nature, dogs enjoy each other’s company and tend to move in packs.  Although dogs seem to be genetically hard wired to enjoy the company of humans, this social interaction is something which dogs benefit from greatly.


2. Dogs learn etiquette.  Daycares are typically staffed with professionals who understand canine body language and who promote safe play.  This helps dogs to learn what behaviors are socially acceptable among other dogs as well as humans.  Better behavior for your dog is a natural outcome of a well-staffed dog daycare facility.


3. Dogs gets human attention.  Daycare provides a great alternative to sitting home alone all day while the parents work.  It is generally depressing and anxiety producing for dogs to be alone for long periods of time.


4. Dogs get more exercise.  Exercise helps your dog maintain a healthy weight and muscle tone.  It also improves the dog’s mood and overall level of health.  Regular exercise even prevents many diseases.  When it is difficult for owners to get their dog the amount of exercise they truly need, daycare is a great outlet for their dog’s pent up energy.


5. Dogs get a home away from home.  Dogs get excited about going to their favorite daycare. Just the mention of the word should get them in a tizzy.  Parents get a loving place to keep their dog when contractors are in the house during a home improvement project or any other time it helps to have your dog out of the house for a while.


Daycare, such as that provided by The Dog House, satisfies a dog’s inherent need for exercise and socialization.  It also provides a myriad of benefits for the owner.  It can be a day off from responsibilities, an easy way to get your dog exercise, a cure from the anxious behavior of chewing furniture at home or an enjoyable way to get a healthier, more well-adjusted pet.

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