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Training FAQs

Welcome! Thank you for entrusting The Dog House with your training needs. We are eager to get started and prove to you why we are the top dog trainer in Georgia!

Please review the list below that has been provided; detailing everything you need to know before the first day of training.

When to drop off?

  • Training drop off will be scheduled on a Monday.  Please plan to drop off no later than 11am.


What to bring?

  • Plastic food container with lid

  • Dry dog food (2 weeks worth or more)

  • Vaccination paperwork

  • No stuffed toys or bedding are needed.


What we provide?

  • Bedding

  • Feeding / Water bowls

  • Training treats


What to expect other than a trained and well mannered dog?

  • Change in feeding schedule – Their daily portion will be combined into one meal. And they will get a second meal during their training session as treats. They will also be given access to fresh water at all times.


  • Change in level of food consumption – Training is not only mental exercise, but physical as well. Your dog may require larger meals. In any case, you will be kept informed about their level of consumption; as well as any changes to their diet. You may resume your regular feeding schedule and increments post training.


  • Weight loss & muscle definition - As previously mentioned, training is a combination of mental and physical exercise. Weight loss is common. You should expect between 1 lb – 10lbs of fat loss, and more definition in your dog’s muscles. This is where greater food intake may be required.


  • Socialization with other dogs – Provided your pup is applicable for group playtime, they will participate after their 2nd week of training. During this time they will learn social skills, working with distractions, and how to interact with other dogs.



Will my dog be in the play area?


  • The first 2 weeks of training is spent 1-on-1 with a trainer each day and practice with our kennel techs the rest of the day. At the end of the 2nd week your dog will be placed in a group setting provided all is well with their temperament. Their playtime will also consist of following their training schedule & practice.


How often is a payment due?

  • 1st payment due at the time of scheduling

  • 2nd payment due at the end of the second week of training

  • 3rd payment due at the end of the 4th week of training


How long does the trainer work with them each day?

  • Each dog is worked for a 30 min session 1-on-1 with a trainer. Throughout the day your dog will practice what they have learned with a kennel tech.

Why does a session only last 30 min each day?

  • This is done to keep your dog happy, healthy and eager to learn. The maximum attention span of dog is 30 minutes. Overworking them can result in anxiety or depression. Our goal is to keep your dog happy, yet obedient.

Can I visit my dog more often than our scheduled sessions?

  • Unfortunately this is something we do not allow. The reason for this is to keep your dog’s morale high during training. If they see you, and are again separated from you too often, it may cause anxiety on their part. Seeing you once a week makes them eager to please you; and show you everything they have learned!

What is my dog doing when they aren’t actively training?

  • Your dog will be engaging in multiple activities daily. If they aren’t training they could be exercising, having a meal, practicing what they have learned, playing in the play area, resting, etc.


How many walks will my dog get per day?

  • Your dog will be walked 5 times daily.

Do we need to provide our own food?

  • Yes. You will be required to provide your own food, in a plastic container. At least 2 weeks worth of food at the time of drop off or more.

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