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Temperament Test


This is the observation and evaluation of your dog’s attitude towards people and dogs.  It is required and costs $32.  Your dog will be evaluated through a series of tests that measure traits including stability, confidence, shyness, friendliness, aggressiveness, protectiveness, play drive, and ability to distinguish between threatening and non-threatening situations.  The test will take place during normal business hours and will last for approximately four hours.  Please call first to make an appointment.  Upon arrival, have a short conversation with us about your pet and return to pick him up before 5 PM.  


Please note that this test is required BEFORE your first daycare and boarding experience.  For example, if you are boarding your dog for July 4th weekend and dropping him off on July 3, then the dog must have completed his test on a day before July 3.  No exceptions.  This is for the safety of your pet, our other dogs and our staff.  Please call in advance and schedule so we are prepared to dedicate the time needed to your pet.  


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