This is when training starts getting really fun! How would you like to impress your neighbors with a really well-trained dog? We can show you how to take training to the next level and have a dog that can hold a stay on a mat while guests come through your door, heel nicely beside you, respond to your cues at a distance and hold a stand stay for examination.  With focus on both obedience and exercises to continue working on self,control and manners, this course has it all! Whether you want a better behaved pet, get involved in dog sports, continue obedience for fun or mental stimulation-we are experts in training dogs!


Board and Train 30 sessions (6 weeks)           $1,500

This class is geared towards high levels of Obedience, but would also be good for obedience in preparation for a fun past time to enjoy with your best friend! Focusing on incredible obedience exercises including; Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Off, Heel, plus any specific problem your dog may have.

Board and Train 30 sessions (6 weeks)            $1,500

K9 Obedience Training - 
Advanced Add-Ons

Impress everyone around you by teaching your dog off-leash walk, hand signals or even a second language.


Hand Signals                                                    

Second Language (German or French) 


Remote Training                                              

K9 Family Protection Training

Family protection dog training is designed to produce dogs that will defend upon command. However, they will automatically respond should the owner be threatened or physically attacked. Training is geared towards real life situations.  The dogs are trained to perform in the house, on the property, and on the streets. In any of these situations,  The Dog House produces the ultimate, intelligent, reliable and obedient protection dogs.

Your dog should be taught the basic obedience commands of “come, heel, sit, down, off and stay", both on- and off-leash. Your dog will go through an evaluation before being considered for any kind of protection work. There will be no exceptions.

If the dog is accepted into the Family Protection Program, we will then begin the advanced obedience commands for the protection work.  Personal protection training is tailored to the individual dog and owner.

When considering a dog for personal protection training, make sure you select your dog carefully.  This cannot be stressed enough. Not every dog is suitable for personal protection work.  Every dog must be tested and individually evaluated.  We at The Dog House believe that only a certain amount of information should be placed on a website regarding training family protection dogs; this is for safety reasons and for people who believe that having such dog gives them a weapon to play with.  A family protection dog is solely for personal protection in an event of an attack against the handler or an intruder in your home.

Here is a summary of what Family Protection work will teach your dog:


  • Show of aggression on command

  • Stop the show on command

  • On lead bite on command

  • Release of bite on command

  • Bite without command when handler is physically assaulted 

  • Release of the bite on command

  • Bite from a stay when called by the handler to defend

Board and Train 30 sessions (6 weeks)             $2,100

Dog Owner Training

This is where we teach you and your dog to work together in 6 one-on-one sessions.  Every session we work on a different command:  Sit, Down, Heel, Stay, Come, Off.  Keep in mind that the results from this training are all up to you.  Follow the trainers instructions and listen carefully. 


6 sessions total                               $480

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