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This is when training starts getting really fun! How would you like to impress your neighbors with a really well-trained dog? We can show you how to take training to the next level and have a dog that can hold a stay on a mat while guests come through your door, heel nicely beside you, respond to your cues at a distance and hold a stand stay for examination.  With focus on both obedience and exercises to continue working on self,control and manners, this course has it all! Whether you want a better behaved pet, get involved in dog sports, continue obedience for fun or mental stimulation-we are experts in training dogs!


Board and Train 30 sessions (6 weeks)           $1,500

This class is geared towards high levels of Obedience, but would also be good for obedience in preparation for a fun past time to enjoy with your best friend! Focusing on incredible obedience exercises including; Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Off, Heel, plus any specific problem your dog may have.

Board and Train 30 sessions (6 weeks)            $1,500

K9 Obedience Training - 
Advanced Add-Ons

Impress everyone around you by teaching your dog off-leash walk, hand signals or even a second language.


Hand Signals                                                    

Second Language (German or French) 


Remote Training                                              

Dog Owner Training

This is where we teach you and your dog to work together in 6 one-on-one sessions.  Every session we work on a different command:  Sit, Down, Heel, Stay, Come, Off.  Keep in mind that the results from this training are all up to you.  Follow the trainer's instructions and listen carefully. 


6 sessions total                               $600

The Dog House Training Solutions

We have the solution!


Call us today at 770-693-7285 and schedule an appointment with one of our experienced trainers.


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K9 Obedience Training
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